Digital Billboard Features

Standy-By Secondary PC
With the redundant backup PC system, available on the F4X digital signs, you can avoid unnecessary down time due to computer failures. The system accesses your schedule and immediately resumes advertiser rotations in the event of a PC outage. It also notifies our service team so proper measures can be taken to restore the primary computer.
Visual Pixel Technology
Sophisticated pixel re-sampling algorithms are applied to the digital graphics which can actually give the appearance of a higher resolution image when rendered on the billboard. The Formetco F4X utilizes a refresh rate faster than the human eye can register, delivering a stunning image which is clear even from closer viewing distances.
Wireless Uplink Interface
Our digital display signs communicate with our servers using the latest 3G and 4G technology from the world's leading mobile internet providers. The lack of bulky phone and cable lines not only lowers installation cost, but also helps prevent nearby lightning strikes from wreaking havoc on your signs communication ability. Also the lack of a third party installers and overcomplicated necessary on-site setup makes the 3G and 4G technology a speedy and painless out-of-the-box installation.
Advanced Remote Diagnostics
Diagnose your Digital Billboard's problems with remote live feed digital cameras, receive email reports on your sign and technicians can assess problems without leaving the office. These ever expanding capabilities will expedite maintenance and reduce wasted time and cost.
Real Time Data
Real time data allows your sign to show social media, photos, scores, time and temp, rss feeds and many other dynamic elements. Our pro service team can assist in creation of these elements.
Enhanced Solid Color Rendering
The F4X LED's are specifically manufactured to produce the smoothest solid colors of any digital billboard on the market. Our LED's for each digital billboard are produced under the same controlled environmental conditions and only selected from the same lot, color bin and manufacturing date to ensure the closest possible match. Because there are thousands of LED's per digital billboard this process is under the most tedious quality control conditions. Combine these with consistent overall power flow and designs with solid color backgrounds, our elements appear smooth without time consuming calibration and have the appearance of a printed graphic. No other digital sign manufacturer provides such superior solid color rendering capabilities.