Digital Billboard Reliability

Our Digital Billboards can stand up to the most challenging environments and most destructive atmospheres and still present clear and precise communications. That's because our F4X LED system undergoes the most brutal testing and the most severe conditions to eliminate all threats from water, dust intrusion, salt water corrosion, extreme weather, damaging temperatures…all that these elements present. Also read all about our Intelligent Safe-Guards to maximize up time and reduce emergency service calls.

And with a LED life of 100,000 storage hours, you know the F4X Digital Billboard will always provide outstanding performance. Further, only the F4X Outdoor Digital Billboard gives you 4.4 trillion shades of color. So your ads will always be brought to life…in brightest sunlight or the darkest night.

Digital Screen Hazard Testing

Each digital screen is ran through a testing phase to ensure that no external elements will cause electronic or physical damage to the screen. Several tests are performed to achieve this. NO other digital manufactuer performs this level of testing. This ensures that down time is virtually eliminated making the F4X the most reliable digital billboard.


Ultra Thin Slim Line Digital Billboard Cabinet


Slim-Line Cabinet Design

The Formetco F4X has a ultra thin slim line cabinet design that combines the strength and durability you want out of your outdoor digital billboard, while deliverying a sleak look and lightweight feel. This combination of precision design and strong materials gives the F4X added reliability above signs constructed using lower grade metals and manufacturing process.

New Rear White Cabient Design Reduces internal heat regulation and power consumption

Rear White-Panels

The Formetco F4X now uses a rear white cabient backing which helps reduce the interior's overall temperature and assists in reducing energy wasted cooling the LED's. LED's that are subjected to less heat tend to also have an extended life span.