Digital Billboard Image Quality

Digital BIllboards have Never Had an Image Quality Like This...

There's nothing else out there like it today. More LED's mean a more superior and a more detailed image. F4X's breakthrough image presentation offers four LED's per pixel design. In fact, the new dynamic F4X Digital Billboard offers up to 21 to 48% more LED's per square foot and a greater fill factor than any of our competitor's displays. What's more, for the same amount you may be paying our competitors for a lower resolution, the F4X can give you the highest resolution available today, as well as a more superior image, a more attractive presentation and a more effective sales proposition.

Why is the F4X Digital BIllboard's Quality So Much Better?

It's rather simple why the F4X is today's state of the art digital billboard display. That's because we independently drive each of the four LED's in every pixel. By actually artifically doubling the F4X's pixel density, we are able to create adjacent pixels, both horizontally and vertically, which enhances our display resolution giving your Digital Billboard Image Qualityadvertisers the sharpest and clearest message board they could find for daylight or nightlight.

Digital BIllboard Quality All Day and Night

You wont have to worry about image washout in direct sunlight either. With 929 leds per square foot rated at 9,000 nits, your F4X digital billboard will provide you with the brightest screen in the industry under direct sunlight.

Our F4X's unique design has a complete understanding of the digital medium. It's display characteristics are at the leading edge in visual outdoor communication today. There is simply no digital display with the image quality of Formetco's F4X digital billboard display.

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