Performance and Reliability are AS IMPORTANT TO US AS IMAGE QUALITY.

Formetco's LED Digital Billboards have always had a great track record of performance and reliability. The F4X has exceeding our expectations. But we didn't want to stop there. Why not take the low failure rate and add some additional safe guards. Our R&D team has merged technologies past, present and future to make to reduce emergency service calls and reduce potential down time.


Secondary stand-by PC

Although computer failures are infrequent, when they do fail, your sign will go blank. Formetco offers a secondary stand by PC system on all F4X Digital Billboards.

In the event of a PC failure:

  1. The secondary PC immediately connects to the Formetco remote cloud server to download the latest schedule and all sign content.
  2. At around 60 seconds the display is back up and running with current schedule, including real time data files.
  3. A diagnostic alert is generated letting Formetco and you know the secondary PC has taken over and the sign is functioning normally.

This stand by PC system eliminates hours of down time, an emergency service visit, the need to immediately replace a computer and allows the primary PC to be swapped at a later time.

Keep-Alive Controller (CPS100)

The CPS 100 is an intelligent power switch designed by Formetco. Every F4X Digital Billboard has a CPS100 installed. The unit has outlets that are uniquely programed based on their function. The primary PC and stand-by PC send data strings to the CPS100 periodically as a keep-alive signal. If the signal is not received, the CPS100 power cycles the unit that has not responded.

The PC also reports Internet connectivity to the CPS100. If your Internet connection is lost, the CPS100 power cycles the ports associated with Internet connectivity.

Formetco’s service team members can remotely access the CPS100 to power cycle ports as needed. Preventing an on-site technician and necessary down time.

The CPS100 also regulates heating and cooling devices within the control box.

SmartLink Integration

Designed to remotely control and monitor display power, the SmartLink provides a bidirectional communication path to Formetco’s digital billboards. Its remote shutdown and startup feature, is useful during inclement weather, such as a hurricane, or to comply with local ordinances and it saves outdoor operators money by eliminating service visits to restore lost communications offering a faster ROI for outdoor companies.

The SmartLink device controls the main power relays through an independent wireless channel. Through this channel, power outage conditions are reported upon power loss and return. Formetco's service team members can remotely control power to sections of the sign face and control box as needed.

A unique feature of Formetco's SmartLink is the intelligent power on sequence. Most damage occurs to components when power first returns. The SmartLink device provides a delayed power up sequence that requires a good power source for 20 seconds prior to initializing.

UPS with monitoring

Our standard Uninterrupted Power Source provides high quality power filtering and backup to the system player PC. If there is a power failure at the site, the backup power provides a communication link that sends a camera snapshot and alarm notification.


And that's just the tip of of our reliability iceberg.

For more information about our Intelligent Safe-Guard technologies, or to discuss our true 24/7/365 service, billboard monitoring or diagnostics contact your Formetco digital billboard sales representative at (800) 367-6382.