Digital Billboard Advanced Diagnostics

The F4X Advanced Diagnostics

The Formetco F4X keeps you in the know. Now with this FREE integrated advanced diagnostics the true power of our digital billboard is demonstrated. No more waiting for updates on your signs health.


The high capacity processing system of the F4X Digital Billboard has the ability to scan an entire 14’x48’ face in just under 1 second. No other Digital Billboard out there can match this performance.


Unlike other Digital Billboards, The F4X does not rely on a scheduled scan to detect problems. It self-diagnoses itself every second of every minute of every day. WIth this type of scanning system you are guaranteed that you will be the first to know if any problems arise with your digital billboard.


Once a diagnostic cycle is complete the system sends any detected problems immediatley to the Formetco/Ad-Tech service team and alerts you via email, or you may provide the system with a group of emails that can distribute to your operations or staff so loss of revenue is minimized to its lowest point.

Diagnostic Performance

  1. Continuous Tile Scan
  2. Continuous scanning of power supplies
  3. Scanning the LED screen for any noise on the screen, self-correcting software
  4. Monitors the operation of the Internet connection. Has the ability to automatically power cycle the modem and router in the control box to reset the internet connection.
  5. Monitors and report internet connection problems.
  6. Monitors the operation of the computer, has the ability to remotely power cycle the computer.
  7. Monitors if data is being sent out from the computer to the LED Digital Billboard.
  8. Has the ability to power cycle the web cam.
  9. Monitors the temp in the sign and the temp in the control box in comparison to ambient temp.
  10. Monitors electrical service, will send an alert if power is lost to the sign.
  11. Monitors voltage, will send alerts if voltage is high or low, records power surges.
  12. Provide a web cam for remote visual inspection of the LED Digital Billboard
  13. Upon a reported error the diagnostics software will take a web cam snapshot of the screen and submit along with the error report.
  14. Redundancy systems self-checks