Digital Billboard Advantages

The F4X Digital Billboard Advantages

The technlogy developed and designed for the F4X is by far the most advanced digital sign availabe. We just don't say it we have many points that can prove why the F4X outscores any other digital sign in all aspects. A short list of the many features of the digital billboard are listed below.

64-Bit Per Pixel

Formetco F4X provides the most advanced color processing technology with 18 Quintillion colors. Our advanced driver technology is capable of extreme color depth at 64 bits per pixel. This is because we have wo Red, one Green, and one Blue LED in each Pixel (Light Point). By also having vertical and horizontal pixel sharing technology, we are 64-bit per pixel true output.

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Single Bin LED

Formetco F4X uses proprietary manufacturing techniques that provide superior color accuracies and a brighter, less grainy looking screen with 100% uniformity of colors. This is because we start off with all of the LEDs being the same color and brightness - a process called single binning.

All LEDs are sorted into color and brightness bins (groups); typically there are six color bins and three brightness bins. Most LED Screen manufacturers purchase all bins and mix them together in order to average out the differences in color and brightness. To get an acceptable looking screen, they then have to color calibrate the screen. Mixing different colors and different brightness bins is a problem since there is no way to change the color of an LED. The only thing that can be changed is the brightness. You cannot make an LED brighter, you can only reduce the brightness of an LED to match the dimmer LEDs in the lower brightness bins. So the need for Color Calibration at the factory will lower the effective brightness of the screen and it will discolor faster.

Drivers are the chips that control the current to the LEDs. The amount of current to the LEDs controls the brightness of the LEDs. Brightness variations from some driver suppliers can be as high at 12% from driver to driver. There is one driver for every 16 LEDs in a screen. Formetco uses a more advanced driver available that has a variation of less than 1.5% from driver to driver, minimizing the effect of driver variance on brightness.

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No Factory Color Calibration

Screen color calibration is not required because of Formetco's F4X proprietary manufacturing techniques that use single bin (color and brightness) LEDs along with our advanced LED Driver technology. Color calibration is required by all of our competitors who mix the color and brightness bins. The color calibration process will improve uniformity of brightness but will sacrifice the total brightness of the display. In some cases, up to 30% brightness is lost during color calibration at the Factory, and this process cannot correct the different color bins. The reason that Formetco F4X screen colors and white levels stand out is because we are not using different colored Red, Green, and Blue LEDs in our screen. Formetco F4X Red, Green, and Blue LEDs are all perfectly matched.

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Advanced Cooling System

Formetco/Formetco F4X LED Screens have the most advanced cooling design which lowers operating temperature for the LEDs and extends the useful life of the screen. The heat in a sign system comes from four sources: Sun Light that will vary, the LEDs which produce 50% of the heat, the Driver chips that produce 25% of the heat, and the power supplies that produce 25% of the heat. Putting both the LEDs and the drivers on the front of the screen places 75% of the heat dissipation in one area which has to compete with the solar heat from the sun. This is a very inefficient way to cool a screen. Formetco moves the heat producing components apart, giving them the ability to cool property with the LEDs on the front, the drivers on the back side of the screen, and the power supplies mounted internal to the cabinet. In addition, Formetco utilizes a modular cooling system. Because heat rises, we have found that in the top of the cabinet will have a 25% higher temperature then the bottom. For this reason, we have smaller cooling zones in order to avoid this heat buildup which can cause the top of the screen's LEDs to lose brightness and discolor more quickly than the lower area of the screen.

The F4X operates the power supplied at less than 70% of output capacity. This will provide you with a much longer useful life and cooler screen operation. Other manufacturers often run their power supplies at 100% in order to lower costs and lower the required primary power requirements.

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Automatic Dimming

Formetco F4X uses Logarithmic Dimming to match the response of the human eye at 256 levels. Formetco uses a photo cell to measure ambient light in real time. We provide a failsafe back up setting to insure proper operation of the LED Screen dimming (Fail safe is scheduled dimming). We also give the user the ability to set the maximum and minimum brightness of the screen.

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Power Savings

Formetco F4X uses the most efficient LEDs available today. A more efficient LED produces more light with less current (electricity). An Formetco F4X screen produces more light with less power than any other LED screen available today. The Formetco F4X powers the LEDs at up to 50% lower current that other comparable screens. This is because our LEDs produce more light at a lower current, and that we have substantially more LEDs per square foot (higher LED Density). Powering the LEDs at a lower current will cause the LEDs to run at a lower temperature, significantly increasing the useful life of the LED.

The Brightness of the Formetco F4X is 9,000 nits. After color calibration, the brightness of our competitors are in the 6,000 to 7,500 nits range. The higher the nits, the more power the screen will require.

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Formetco’s F4X provides advanced diagnostics down to the individual LED level. Most LED screen manufacturers can only scan the screen via a pre-set schedule, often only 2 to 4 times a day. We have found that this is insufficient for providing this time sensitive operational information. Formetco’s Diagnostic System scans the screen every second and can report if the issue is from the power supply or an LED Tile. In addition, we also monitor internal cabinet temperature. When any of the conditions being monitored require attention, an e-mail alert is sent out. Formetco provides remote technical assistance where we can access the computer in the LED digital screen via the internet and diagnose issues remotely.

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Service Access & Environmental Control

We believe that rear service access will make servicing the sign easier and make the sign last longer. Many of our competitors offer a quick change LED model with two attachment points that provide for front service access. Over time, the seals for these LED modules will fail and cause water problems. Formetco F4X uses state-of-the-art exposed potted pixels technology for a better looking screen with a longer useful life. Formetco F4X provides advanced conformal coated printed circuit boards which provide a total waterproofing of the electronics.

Formetco’s F4X LED Screen technology has an IP65 rating. With an IP65 rating a product will be "dust proof" and water resistant to water pressure jets from all directions. Our LED modules have 8 attachment points to properly seal the gaskets to the cabinet. This method is proven to keep the screen water tight when compared to the two attachment points for a module twice the area as Formetco's.

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USA Technology

Formetco Technology is developed in the United States of America. Our software, computer controller system, data distribution system, and LED boards are all designed by Formetco. We can provide you with a long term supply of replacement parts and software upgrades because all of our technology is developed and owned by Formetco. All of our engineering staff is based in the USA and all of our work is done in English. We use a contract manufacturer in Asia to do our assembly work. This gives you the best of both worlds: reliable US technology at very competitive prices. Look on the back of an i-phone, it reads, "Developed by Apple in California, assembled in China". Our competitors talk about product being made in America. What they do not tell you is that almost all of the electronic components that go into their signs.

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